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References and Recommendation Quotes:
Abdi Fatimy, Superintendent

He is a tireless worker covering every detail of the job and his expertise in all areas is beyond reproach. His knowledge of all engineering, plumbing, electrical and finish out on the job was always a great help in getting the job finished in a timely manner.

~Jeff & Patti

Our working relationship was pleasant and his quality of work was excellent. Few of his many attributes include his integrity, honesty, hard work ethic, and attention to detail.

~Ravi and Hima

I have rarely met an individual who has been so pleasant to deal with, respectful and courteous at all times to virtually every individual in every circumstance I have observed.

~Greg and Sandi

Mr. Fatimy was well involved in daily aspects of my home and in fact much to my surprise was available to me as needed for any problems on a daily basis. He was excellent in the course of his work as far as availability and attention to detail.

~Dennis & Beth

He is very, very responsive – follows up on all details – and does great quality control. I enjoyed working with him at all times – he has a very nice and polite personality and is very respectful of our families needs.

~Barry & Suzanne

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