Key Staff

Loy Lowary
Bachelor of Science in Finance 1982

Loy Lowary is a graduate of Arizona State University where he earned a degree in Finance. While attending Arizona State University , Loy found his true calling, in the field of construction. Loy began his construction career in 1975, honing his skills by working on large projects like building public schools, power and chemical plants. With this knowledge as his foundation, he started a commercial and residential excavation and concrete contracting company. Working on such excavation and paving projects like UA Cinemas, City of Colony Municipal Buildings, City of Dallas Municipal parking lots and various restaurants throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Sensing his knowledge in commercial construction was solidified; Loy began his pursuit of the same knowledge base for residential construction. In 1982, he began his career by overseeing the residential construction of more than 400 homes in Dallas , Texas and New England areas. In addition, he gained further knowledge by overseeing the building of a commercial 120-unit four-story luxury facility in Topsham, Maine . In the process he gained valuable and rare knowledge on building residential homes with basements, including excavation, installation and difficult sloping hillside sites. Combining his knowledge of commercial and residential construction Loy is able to provide clients with extensive experience and technical expertise for building on some of Texas 's most challenging lots. Loy's experience and innovate designs have resulted in Ventura winning more than 17 awards, including being two-time "People's Choice" winner of The Parade of Homes and winners of Southern Methodists University's fastest growing companies in 1998 and 2000.

Shideh Lowary
Bachelor of Science in Accounting 1982

Shideh holds a degree from Southern Illinois University in Accounting obtaining her CPA in 1983. She began her career in California working for a top Fortune 500 Company as a financial planner. Shideh entered into real estate in 1988 as a Mortgage Loan Officer, and quickly advanced to Regional Manager with more than 200 direct reports. For 15 years she gained comprehensive insight into residential construction loans and the building and loan funding process; during this time honing and developing an innovative management style, attention to detail and learned the art of doing business. What Shideh Lowary brings to Ventura is a special gift in helping customers and employees alike to realize their dream. She provides sound leadership with an open and honest management style that allows Ventura employees to grow to their full potential. As a true leader, Shidehs' goal is to expose her employees to all aspects of building a custom home from the initial creative meeting to the final product completion walk-thru. So passionate and skilled is Shideh at managing people, over the past 10 years, many Ventura employees have gone on to start their own successful companies either building residential homes or starting their own design firm.

Abdi Fatimy
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering 1984

Abdi Fatimy has over 20 years experience in the building industry. His engineering background makes him a master of detail. He is a consummate professional and exhibits a unique balance of craftsmen and creative designer. He has the ability to understand and fulfill the dreams and desires of each individual client. He consistently earns an excellent performance evaluation by our homeowners because he is attentive to their needs and proficient in fulfilling their objectives. Abdi's references.

Shoray Danesh
Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering 1982

Shoray has worked with Ventura Custom Homes since 1997. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from the international business community. Shoray's engineering background allows her to offer a discriminating eye for detail and perfection. Her understanding of the homebuilding process from the ground up and her ability to communicate effectively has been greatly appreciated by our homebuyers.